Thuy & Danh’s Wedding

One of the perks of being hired to photograph weddings for couples is witnessing many beautiful and traditional moments during a wedding day. On the day of Thuy & Danh’s wedding, we were mesmerized by some of the loveliest interactions between them, between them and family, and friends. It made our job rewarding and the day go by quickly. Here are some of the moments from this spectacular day.


Thu & Quoc’s Vietnamese Wedding

Something special happened this summer, I was asked to photograph my friends,Thu & Quoc’s wedding. It was a very traditional Vietnamese wedding, with tea ceremonies on both sides of the family. Lots of friends were guests at the wedding and we were so happy to see them get hitched. Here are some moments from this special day.


Vy & Tam

We had an honor and pleasure photographing Vy & Tam on their wedding day. The day started with the photo session at the Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. We lucked out with the rain had stopped before we started out photo shoot. The reception was held at the Chau Chow restaurant in Dorchester. It was a day and night full of love and laughters, and here are some moments from that day. 

Lily & Hua

We had an honor to capture Lily & Hua’s Big Day’s stories. It was a very intimate wedding with family and closed friends attending. Here are some moments from this special day, and congratulations to Lily & Hua.

Thuy & Danh’s E-Sesion @ Wayside Inn’s Grist Mill

Chris and I met Thuy, Danh, and their dogs, Bella & Brady at the Grist Mill in Sudbury to do an engagement session to get to know each other before shooting their wedding in later July. It was a lovely early Saturday morning for this kind of photo session. At the beginning it was a little challenged to get Bella and Brady to pose with Thuy and Danh because they were distracted and excited in a new environment.  After letting them loose, we focused in Thuy & Danh and got them warmed up as the morning progressed. Eventually Brady & Bella naturally mingled around their masters and we were able to get the whole family in the frame without them feeling forced.  I think it was a nice opportunity to get to for the clients and the photographers to get to know each other before the big day, and we can’t wait to photograph and recorded their big story later this month. Here are a few sample photos from this session.